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The Brookfield Lacrosse Association takes the COVID-19 pandemic seriously and we understand that each family has decisions to make as it relates to their level of participation in upcoming events/seasons. Although lacrosse is not a WIAA sport, BLA has created the guidelines below based on information shared by the WIAA, US Lacrosse, The Elmbrook School District as well as from state agencies and using information from other organizations. Participants, parents and families engaging in lacrosse and activities related to lacrosse do so with knowledge of the risk and potential exposure involved. Given the fluid nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and everchanging state and local guidelines, the Brookfield Lacrosse reserves the right to modify these guidelines without prior notice.

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General Guidelines

  • All participants must understand that our priority is to ensure the safest possible environment for players, BLA coaches, board members, and families.

    • Some families will take more precautions than others. We will respect each family’s choices.

    • Failure to follow specific direction from a coach or other representative of the organization can result in that player being removed from playing with the organization.

  • Prior to returning to play, each player’s parent or guardian must digitally acknowledge the Return to Play waiver distributed by the Brookfield Lacrosse via TeamSnap.

  • If any participant (player, coach, volunteer) begins exhibiting symptoms of possible exposure to COVID-19, such as fever or other symptoms outlined at the above CDC link or indicated below, they should not come to BLA events or participate in the events until such time as the participant has been tested and/or cleared. Any confirmed exposure to an individual positive for COVID-19 should be reported to the appropriate health authorities, medical personnel, and BLA coach as soon as possible.

    • Parents are strongly advised to review the symptoms below prior to arriving at any BLA sanctioned event:

    • COVID-19 like symptoms such as:

  • Cough

  • Shortness of breath

  • Fever

  • At least two of the following symptoms

  • Chills

  • Sore throat

  • Muscle pain

  • Repeated shaking with chills

  • Diarrhea

  • New loss of taste/smell

  • Within the last 14 Days if you

  • Had close contact with an individual under investigation for or diagnosed with COVID-19

  • Traveled via plane internationally

    • Note: If you answer yes to the questions but it’s unrelated to a contagious illness (i.e.muscle ache due to sports participation) then you may opt to participate in BLA activities

  • All participants and volunteers must make all efforts to adhere to six-foot physical distancing while participating in BLA activities regardless of venue.

  • There will be no shared water bottles/coolers, food, sunflower seeds, or other communal items.

  • Any food or snack item that could result in spitting is banned at all team events (gum, seeds, watermelon, etc.)

  • Brookfield Lacrosse will provide hand sanitizer at all events. However each family should plan to have their own as well.

  • All participants and volunteers should adhere to any rules and guidelines as distributed or posted.

 Team Guidelines (Players, Coaches, BLA Board Members)

  • Coaches will modify, to the degree possible, practice and warm-up plans to maximize social distancing.

  • Coaches will maintain an attendance log at all practices, games, and team events.

  • Each player should use hand sanitizer upon arrival and should have her own labeled hand sanitizer bottle with her equipment bag.

  • Players, coaches, and board members are permitted to wear a face mask at any time, including game play, and all participants will respect that decision..

    • Every mask must be labeled with the player’s name and remain with the player’s equipment in a marked bag when not in use.

  • No food will be allowed unless medically necessary and discussed in advance with coaching staff.

  • All player water bottles must be labeled with the player’s name or it will be removed from the area.

  • There will be no shared equipment, including eye protection, facemasks, sticks, gloves, and other gear.

  • Exception will be Goalie equipment as needed, which will be sanitized before it is used by another player.

  • Players should not congregate before practice or other team activities.

  • Parents and BLA representatives will help social distancing efforts at practices.

  • There will not be pre and/or post-practice “handshake” or other unified cheer.

  • Players are discouraged from carpooling with other players and their families.

Family Guidelines

Parents and guardians:

  • Should drop off players at practice to avoid unnecessary contact.

  • Are encouraged to follow 6-foot social distancing guidelines from others not in their household.

  • Are encouraged to leave practice after drop off of players.

  • Are encouraged to use hand sanitizer upon entering the facility.

  • Are encouraged to bring their own sanitizing wipes for restroom/personal cleanliness.

  • Are discouraged from carpooling with other players and their families.

  • Should view the games from designated spectator areas.

  • May not enter the practice areas for any reason.

  • Should be understanding and respectful of any additional requests of any coach, volunteer or board member.

Questions? Please contact Kim Pruldow, President of the Brookfield Lacrosse Association at 414-397-3249.


Brookfield Lacrosse Daily Checklist

Pre-Practice – Before you arrive at the field

DO NOT ATTEND PRACTICE – if you or any one in your household feels ill, or if you or anyone you have been in contact with has symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

☐ Wash hands prior to attending practice

☐ Use restroom at home prior to practice

☐ Fill water bottle at home prior to practice

☐ No car-pooling is suggested

☐ Arrive with mask on

☐ Arrive with tennis shoes/cleats on, ready to practice

Pre-Practice – At the field

☐ Arrive at practice 15 minutes prior to start time. Wait in vehicle until coach gives signal to enter. Parents remain in vehicles.

☐ Prior to entry, players will be asked the following questions. 1) Have you or anyone in your household felt ill or have been in contact with symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 14 days?

☐ If yes, players will be will be excused from practice and return to vehicles.

☐ Bathroom (inside of school/at field house) will not be available, plan accordingly

☐ Players will enter, drop equipment bags as directed and report to designated area. Practice social distancing.

☐ Keep mask on until directed to remove for practice

Practice – on the field

☐ Players practice social distancing  as they report to practice areas

☐ No sharing of equipment

☐ Listen for Coach’s instructions on where to go, what to do


☐ Players exit field and put on masks while pick up their equipment bags

☐ Players maintain social distancing

☐ Players exit to vehicles

☐ All Players must be picked up on time. No loitering